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Learn to play flamenco style and even use its techniques in your own playing!

In this course you will learn 8 useful guitar licks you can use in your own solos!

Learn how to Improvise using the diatonic scale with this easy to understand Course from Renaud Louis – Servais

Learn to create weird and new sounds with your guitar, Chinese melodies and etc!

Learn to play finger style song i say a little prayer from Eugene Burger!

Learn Every thing you need to become a master in acoustic guitar! beginner to advanced


Learn heavy metal rhythm from beginner to advanced Level!

Learn neoclassical soloing with this course! (beginner to intermediate)

Learn to play guitar triads and when and how to use them correctly!

Learn tweaking different settings on your amp to get your desired sound!

This course has some string skipping lessons to help you get comfortable with this technique!

Learn the principals of fast picking with his course!

Learn how to use tapping arpeggios in music!

A short course showing the basics of minor and major Chords!

Learn minor pentatonic guitar licks,one of the most frequently used scales ever!

Learn how to sync your left hand and right hand correctly!

Learn principals of alternate picking and some cool licks with alternate picking!

Learn a short multi finger tapping exercise!

Learn some hybrid piking exercises!

Every day a new video for lick of the day is added!

Learn a guitar riff every day!

Learn the basics of picking and some exercises to help you learn this technique!

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